A B O U T - T o s h i a k i  H o s h i

Ceramist and Chef.
Born in 1985 in Hyogo, Japan. Based in Helsinki.
After working as Japanese chef in Kobe, he moved to Helsinki and worked at lokal restaurants, such as Hotel Kämp, Chez Dominique and Atelje Finne. Then he opened own restaurant Ravintola Hoshito in 2011. Hoshito was an authentic Japanese restaurant based in Helsinki, Finland. He created his own establishment combining the extensive Japanese food culture with fresh Nordic ingredients and involving Finland’s own unique food culture.
From 2016 Hoshi started to create ceramic works which he has been interested in for some time. He closed once his restaurant in 2018 and took a step into another creative field. At the moment his ceramicworks are stocked in Samuji and Lokal and also used in Restaurant Ora in Helsinki.
Contact: ceramics(a)hoshito.fi
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星 利昌
神戸で日本料理の修行後、2008年ヘルシンキに移り、Hotel Kämp、Chez Dominique、Atelje Finneといった現地のレストランで料理の経験を積む。2011年からRavintola Hoshitoを開業し独立。2016年からもともと興味のあった陶器制作を始める。2018年自身のお店を一旦閉める。
現在作品は、ヘルシンキのSamujiやLokalで取り扱っており、Michelin一つ星のRestaurant Oraでも使用されている。